The Madman’s Farm is not about just a farm. It is a phenomenon. It is an idea, a way of life. It is an experiment,  an expedition, a research effort.

Here, there’s abundance of two things, which are in acute shortage elsewhere – time and space.

25 acres may not sound too big for a conventional farmer, but for someone living in a flat, it is 10,00,000 sq ft. It can accommodate many, many more people, who’re inspired by the spirit of “walking the path less travelled” !

You’re most welcome to come and live here. You may buy or lease land out of the available space.

You’re welcome to experiment here, whether it is farming, educating, learning, simply gazing the stars or the crawling ants.

You’re welcome to join or help any of the existing residents here in their efforts and experiments. You may as well start an experiment of your own !

And, if for some reason, you’re unable to do any of the above, you can surely follow whatever happens here and say ‘hello’ once in a while.

Every place on earth is a potential paradise. Our picture of paradise here includes a few thousand trees of a few hundred species, a few hundred animals of a few dozen species, a few dozen people, each one unique, living his/her uniqueness in its entirety. Our picture of paradise has abundance, it has diversity and it has harmony.

Sounds interesting, talk to us or send an e-mail !

4 thoughts on “Participate

  1. hi, You are LIVING life!. It gives a lot of strength to find similar minded people.That we are not alone, going out and doing what has to be done. we are planning to take the big step after 6 months. Was just wondering if you guys are familiar with permaculture. It is very harmonious and requires less effort to maintain with large variety,its basically a food forest. If interested check the book “PERMACULTURE, A Designers Manual by Bill Mollison.

    • Dear Sweta,

      Thanks a lot for writing in and for your kind words.
      Yes, we are familiar with Permaculture , infact food forest is what we are also working on.

      Wish you best with your plans…

      Stay in touch.

  2. Dear Team, I have been looking for volunteering and glad to have come across your page. Keep going strong. Please let me know how to go forward to be able to volunteer. Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.

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