What can one do at the farm?madmansfarm2
Grow – natural farm space to grow fruits and vegetables
Stay – few mud houses and cement houses, tents
Cook – stove, solar cooker and local chullah
Read – a small library with books
Feel – nature and peace
Watch – a collection of documentaries & birds, fireflies, stars..
Play – guitar, flute, dholak (percussion), violin, harmonica, bongo
Listen – call of birds, wild animals , silence of the night
See – stars and clear sky, clouds moving, trees dancing, people smiling.

Rest – Take a nap, Sleep under sky, Sit by the side

Or Simply DO NOTHING !

Experiment, Explore and Immerse !

Life is made up of 5 Ls – Livelihood, Living, Learning, Laughing & Love.

Our mentor, friend and guru – Shri Rajesh Gupta (Senior IPS officer and founder of sustainable community –  Sumiran, Barkheda -near Bhopal) – talks about 5 Ls which he has been also working on in his own farm near Bhopal.

We have gained inspiration from his model and working on all the 5 Ls of life.

Livelihood : We are growing our own food, selling the excess produce, hiring local labor for most of our work, working with youth on skill development.

Living : Community living, living together is another aspect of farm life.

Learning : Learning is an everyday process. We are learning about nature, about ourselves , about the world. We are also working on alternative / natural learning for children. A learning space is being designed for children to enable a natural early child education.

Laughter : Joy, non-seriousness is something in built in the culture. Uncoolers Lull is all about laughter. Rare are the days , to not hear long laughter from the distant houses in the farm.

Love : Project Ishq is exploring what is love. We are all in the process of re-discovering love.