How to reach The Madman’s Farm ? 

The Madman’s Farm is located 160 KMs from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, India) and 140 KM from Jabalpur on National Highway 45 (Jaipur – Jabalpur Highway, earlier called NH 12).

The farm is next to a forest , at the foot of a mountain (part of Vindhyachal ranges). We have spotted many types of birds and wild animals. The farm is 5 KMs from the Highway and situated in serene settings conducive for study of self and experiencing nature.

The Madman’s farm on Google Map (this is only a snapshot, see Maps on this page)

How to Reach : 

Air : Nearby airports are Jabalpur(120KM) and Bhopal (160KM) , nearest International Airport is New Delhi(800KM)

Train : Nearest railway station is Gadarwara (GAR) (50KM) though not all trains stop at Gadarwara. Though Narsinghpur (Railway Code : NU, Distance from Farm : 85KM) and Pipariya ( Railway code : PPI , Distance 95KM) has more trains that stop.  Bhopal , Itarsi and Jabalpur are also around 150KM with many train. 

Bus : There are regular buses from Bhopal (ISBT) near Habibganj (now Rani Kamlapati) Railway Station. Usually there are buses every 30-40mins (5:30 AM to 5:00 PM) . The buses are not very comfortable though they can drop you to Deori which is just 5KM away. If you are coming via Gadarwara, you will have to take a Bus to Udaipura (40KM) and then change to Deori (15KM). There are very few direct buses too from Gadarwara to Deori. If you don’t mind little unconfortable bus ride , taking a bus from ISBT Bhopal is recommended as it directly brings you close to farm.

Car : The shortest driving route is via National Highway 45 (old NH12) (Jaipur Jabalpur). Bhopal – Obedullaganj – Bari – Bareli – Udaipura – Deori (farm is 5KM  from Deori).  This road is quite good now and is the most suggested route to reach. Though construction is still on at few places and stray animals are often spotted on road. Careful driving is suggested especially for people who are used to driving on Highways elsewhere. Highways in MP often are not so interruption free from people , animal, vehicles on wrong side etc..

Another driving route is Bhopal-Raisen-Gairatganj-Silwani-Udaipura-Deori (180KM). This patch gets a 30KM drive through a forest which is quite and serene.


If you are planning to just Google Maps driving direction to get to farm, please note that while most part of the directions are good the last 5 KM (once Google tells you take a detour from Highway) is absolutely mistaken. If you take this route , you will have to pass through a very bad road. (No issues, if you are walking though). Instead of this, Take a road to Budhanwada at Tulsi Nagar from Deori  or even better just take a road that leaves Highway right after Panjara towards Udka village , further to Konda Deori.


Weather :

  • The area is bestowed with experiences of all kinds of weather ! The summers get really hot (March-June – peak upto 45 degrees) , Monsoon brings abundant rains (July to Oct – Average Rainfall – 1200mm) and one can also enjoy lovely winters (Nov-Feb – minimum temperature can be upto 3 degrees).
  • Best time to visit is based on your whims about weather ! We love all three seasons.