Pause Space

Madman’s farm offers an opportunity to take a pause in lap of nature. We are open to all. We also host events around the theme of Pause like Winter Gatherings & Gontri

Sadhna Vidyasthali

Sadhna Vidyasthali is our new upcoming alternative learning space aimed at early childhood. We realize that modern education needs some major shifts as it is hurting our children and harming our world. Thus, we have taken an initiative where are enquiring if it is possible to find an alternative better process of learning and being with children.


Upbringers is an initiative to enable learning in parents and to create a global community of parents who wish to explore parenting in a more natural way. Upbringers offers a lot of selected articles, videos and resources compiled at one place for parents. It will also have a discussion forum and an event section.

Learning Garage

Learning Garage is a makers space for children and youth. Chaitanya Kul , an initiative that has been working on education in East UP is setting up Learning Garage at The Madman’s Farm and nearby villages. Learning garage focusses on “usefulness” (skill building, vocational training etc..) & “peacefulness”(well being and healing toxic behavior cycles). This initiative is driven by Satyam.

Project इश्क़

Uncoolers – Suhaniyo and Kishlay are anchoring this initiative at The Madman’s Farm. Project इश्क़ is about truly understanding what is love, what is life and what is not. It has various events, programs under its umbrella.