Winter Gathering 2020

Pandemic is just a call from nature, to come back, everytime we have drifted far….

Are we in middle of a pandemic ? or Was it that we were always in middle of it and it’s just become more evident in light of Covid ?


No Agenda

As usual, winter gathering 2020 is gonna be no agenda which means we just live spontaneously and just repond to the moment.


We do have some sharing living spaces at farm but we would highly recommend that in wake of covid and to have more fun, please get your tents, we will help you find a cozy spot to pitch it.

Farm Living

You will stay at the organic farm and will be served organic food (mostly). This is just a space to be, to just come out of the race for a while.


Vegetarian local food (Dal, Chapati, available vegetables from farm, home grown rice) . We also host local breed of cows and depending on their wish, we might also get some milk, curd etc.


Screening is must

We will be screening participants (thermal screening) and anyone having fever, cough or any other Covid symptoms will be requested to leave or pitch a tent in a special quarantined area.

In case of serious covid symptoms, we will be informing govt. closest healthcare facility.

Maintain Social Distancing

We request you to maintain social distancing while at farm, while eating, or while having conversations.

Tent is requested

Every year usually we all just share living spaces with upto 8 people sharing a single room. However, this year we suggest participants to get their own tents, so we all have our own seperate living space. However, in case you don’t have one, don’t worry, we will find some way.

Carry a Mask

Carry a mask while at farm, everytime we gather in closed spaces or closed groups, we will have to wear it.

Contact : , whatsapp shashi at 9425373551

Fill the form below to register. Please read FAQs at the end of the page in case you still have some questions.

FaQs :

  1. What’s the cost of participation ? We embrace gift culture, we believe money is not the only currency to be recognized. Thus, in terms of money, there is no cost involved for stay, food or participation.
  2. How do I reach ? Please refer to location link here.
  3. Will it be safe to travel and participant during pandemic ? People are travelling and if you stay aware and careful it should be fine. At farm, we will ensure the regular norms prescribed by government. Nevertheless, the last buck rests with you.
  4. How many people are expected ? We don’t really know. Our gatherings have seen anywhere between 5 to 25 people. There is no minimum. The maximum is however 30.
  5. Can I join with children , family , relative or friends ? Couples are welcome. Families with children are welcome. Friends are welcome. We however discourage any group of more than 5 people.
  6. When do I reach and leave ? The gatherings starts on 25th morning, you are welcome to arrive a day or two earlier. It concludes on 27th evening. You can leave by 27th evening but we suggest leaving on 28th morning to avoid the rush. Arrivals after 11AM on 25th, Departures earlier than 27th 3PM are not recommended as you hardly get time then and the very purpose of gathering is weakened.
  7. What about toilets and bathing ? Imagine this to be a forest camp. You use farm for defecation (and cover it up with soil or grass to avoid infestation and allow decomposition) or use the compost toilets available. We do not have regular toilets available except one that can be used in case of emergencies.
  8. More questions ? drop us an email on