Winter Gathering 2015

This gathering brought a lovely end to the year. Below is the page we posted for this gathering, you can read the blog about the gathering here. 

Based on the feedbacks received and the experiences of both the gatherings, the next gathering is expected to have a different flavor and idea. Let’s see. 🙂


Winter Gathering 2015 Winter Gathering 2015_Invitation

December 24th to 27th

We are happy to announce our second Winter Gathering. Last year in December we hosted our first event you may read about it and look at testimonials and pictures here.

This year we have made few changes in the gathering based on the feedbacks.

Here are some FAQs to help you to the event better :-

The gathering starts on December 24th and concludes on December 27th. It’ll be great if you can arrive by 23rd evening, you may leave by 27th evening..

1. Why this gathering ?

We organize this annual gathering once a year, just to share the joy that we have experienced in farm life. This is also a lovely excuse to meet old and new friends in lap of nature.

2. Can I come for less than or more than 3 days ? 

Less is not worth it, more is always possible.

3. What will happen ?

There are no set agendas for the gathering. The idea is not to get busy with things but to just experience nature and farm life and spend lot of time in non-doing ! Spontaneously some plans and conversations might evolve.

4. How are the staying / food facilities ?

Very basic, only those who can bear some level of discomfort in their personal liking might be able to enjoy. Food will be vegetarian.Whatever we have grown organically will be part of the meal, other things have to be purchased from local market. We will try to accommodate most of the participants in and around the farm. We will all share accommodation,  cooking responsibilities and general work.

5. How much does it cost ?

This event carries the spirit of sharing the joy, thus we embrace gift culture. We don’t charge participants any “money” for the event.

6. Who can participate ?

Anyone can participate.

7. How to confirm my participation ?

Just write to us and we will confirm your participation in few days depending on available accommodations. Please contact us before you plan your travel or book your tickets – so that we can help your chose comfortable way to reach the farm.

If you still have a question, just drop in an email or call any of us mentioned in the contacts page. 

Looking forward to seeing you.