The Silent Winter Gathering 2017

We are happy to invite you to our annual event – the winter gathering. However, there is addition of one word this year – “Silent” ! This year’s winter gathering will have all the flavors of our regular winter gathering with only one change which is – Silence times. Everyday post sunset untill breakfast next day, the participants are invited to step away from words and just immerse in silence. This, we hope will allow us to experience farm more deeply and get in touch with our inner self. Read on the FAQs for more details :-

1.) What is this event all about ? 

To share the joy and space at the Madman’s farm – small gatherings are held from time to time. These gatherings are informal, no-agenda, gift culture based. The idea is to simply come together , spend few peaceful days together in the lap of nature, take a pause and get in touch with our own inner spaces.

2.) So, what happens ? 

There is no agenda, no structured activities, no time table (except for some logistical items like lunch). The idea is to simply break free from our regular life and lifestyles and experience nature. Take a pause from our busy lives ! So, nothing much happens – besides living together. Spontaneously and collectively activities take place.

3.) Why is this year’s gathering “Silent”  ? 

From last 3 gathering we have been learning many things and applying those learnings to make gathering more beautiful and meaningful. One of the learnings has been that many of us come to farm and engage mostly in words and hence miss a lot of what farm has to offer. Thus, this year we are experimenting with this new idea of facilitating silence.

4.) So – what does Silent mean ? 

External silence can help us to slip into inner silence. So, post sunset everyday untill end of breakfast next morning, we all will try to be silent. (Those participants who would like to stay silent for entire gathering or more time , are more than welcome to do so.)  Silence means – absolutely no communications – no phone, no reading, no writing, no hand talks or sign language talks. Silence is not just of spoken words but in it’s entirety.

5.) Hows the stay ?

Get your own tents if possible , we will give you matresses and quilts. For those who can’t there will be basic shared dormitory arrangements. We have some beds, some will have to use floor along with matresses.

6.) What about food ? 

Simple vegetarian food will be available which will be mostly organic. Whatever we grow will be shared, what we don’t will be procurred from nearby villages.

7.) Are there any safety issues ? 

This is a tough one. We have some wild animals visiting farm, some snakes, some scorpions – like any other farm. But we all live with them. For us it’s not a safety issue but for someone coming from city – it might be scary. In winters, we rarely encounter snakes and scorpions but yes you will be sharing the farm with them. As long as you don’t bother them, you will be safe.

8.) What shall we bring ?

Nothing as such if you prefer to travel light but if you can , you can get 2 bedsheets, a torch, non-tender footwears, sleeping bag, tent, any music instrument you play.

9.) What shall we NOT bring ? 

Try avoiding getting any packet food items, anything that will generate non-degradable waste, fancy gadgets, laptops, illegal stuffs, your past life and worries.

10.) How much doest it cost ? 

All events at farm are inspired from the concept of Gift culture and hence no monetary transaction is involved. You are not suppoed to pay anything for your food and accomodation. Also, please this doesnt mean you have to buy something or give us some gift instead of money. We are not giving you anything ,we are just sharing whatever we have. Your presence here is itself a gift for us. Just come without that transactional mind and let your heart do the rest.

11.) How do we register ? 

Just call us, email us or fill the form below.

12.) More questions ?  Just email us.

To join us, just call us, email us, meet us on fb or fill the form below. You can read more about previous gatherings here.