Gathering : Play, Creativity and Learning

First ever gathering with an agenda was held at the Madman’s farm. It was a beautiful experience to be with Jinan and a dozen seekers enquiring into the subject of learning, play and children.  Farm with its natural aura further asssited the query. Organic food, compost toilet, sustainable living – were also an experience in itself, memorable for some, challenging for others.  Videos will take sometime before being available online. Here is a small collection of photos to give you a glimpse.

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Below is the page published for gathering.  My personal thoughts are shared in the blog here.

Human Beings have been reduced to Human Thinkings. Play, something that is so pure and natural has been polluted by toys and artificial settings. Learning, which is the very pulse of life , has been turned into a boring and senseless process to be carried out in four walls. Creativity and aesthetic has been conditioned and manipulated.

No wonder, we are where we are !  But if we can begin to understand the nuances, a tranformation is possible.

What is this Gathering about ?

This gathering is a collective enquiry into the topics that are so central to our lives. We will together dive deep into what does it really mean to play, to be creative or to be a learner. We shall also try to understand what role does modern culture and lifestyles play in these arena.

Who is it for ? 

The subject is central to human life and hence everyone and everyone will definitely benefit from the gathering.  Parents, teachers, students and activists in particular.

Who will conduct this ? 

This enquiry will be facilitated by Jinan KB, who has been exploring the depths of subjects like play, learning, creativity, aesthetics, children, schooling, education, architecture for more than 2 decades now. To know more about Jinan and his work please visit following websites :-

When ? 

There are two different dates for the workshop –

Bhopal (2 days weekend workshop) : Nov 2-3 , 2019  (Introductory workshop, Contribution : Rs. 2000 for entire workshop including lunch, tea, snacks)

Farm (3 days residential workshop) : Nov 4-6, 2019  (Immsersive workshop with farm stay, Contribution : Rs. 2500 for entire workshop including food and shared accomodation)

We embrace gift culture and the contributions are just to cover the expenses and travel cost of facilitators. No one will be denied participation because of financial limitations. Scholarships available.

You may attend either or both workshops as the content will be different though may overlap. It is not mandatory to attend one to be able to attend other.

Where ? 

Bhopal workshop : Learning Centre @ E4/174 Arera Colony , Near Arera Gurudwara, Bhopal

(Closest Railhead – Habibganj (2KM) , Airport – Bhopal (18km))

Farm workshop : The Madman’s Farm, Village Konda Deori, Dist. Raisen, MP

(Closest Railhead – Gadarwara(50KM) , Airport – Bhopal (180KM))

Please note the farm residential workshop has very basic camping like facilities. More details will be shared with registered participants later on. 

How to register ? 

Fill the form below  or contact us via email ( or whatsapp/ call : Shashi on 9425373551  or Ruchi on 7770905706  or Jinan on 7592013231 (only whatsapp).

Still have more questions ?  explore detailed FAQs here. Also feel free to contact us in case of any other queries.

Registration form :