Who’s the Madman ?

The name often suggests that there is ONE man who is behind this farm, there isn’t. The name “The Madman’s farm” is about the spirit of madness. Ofcourse – it includes Madwoman too ! The name was kept simply because it sounded cool,  please do not associate any individual or patriarchy with it. So, who’s mad ? 

Perhaps you who is looking forward to take a path less traveled, perhaps we who are trying this out, perhaps the God or force who created everything, perhaps an activist silently fighting for a cause she finds meaningful, perhaps a girl making her way in a patriarchal society, perhaps a child who plants a tree and loves his dog or a fakeer who has left it all behind and lives now somewhere in the Himalayas. You choose ! 😉

What’s in the name – Sadhna Path and The Madman’s farm ?

The madman’s farm is name given to try to capture the essence of spirit while Sadhna Path (literally meaning – the path of the seekers, the path of worship) is second attempt to capture the essence. Two names also help us communicate to two different audiences we work with – the local Hindi speaking and the urban or international English speaking.

How long can one stay ? 

Your wish ! Anything from 1 day to a lifetime and more.

Is it all free ? 

It’s not free ! Nothing is free, we simply don’t expect any money from you. Let’s say it ain’t a factor. You can pay if you wish, you can pay in other currencies known to man – work, wisdom, knowledge, love, good wishes etc. etc… There is no funding agency for the farm. We do not see our guests as coming to us as customers but as friends. So, you really don’t pay your friends for being hospitable for there is a deeper exchange happening.

Well, I still don’t get it ! Will I need to pay or no to stay ? Will my food be also free ? 

Oh Yes ! Whatever we have, is for you too. We share equally, happily. Some people like to call this kind of exchange as “Gift Culture” , “Gift Economy” or “Gift exchange”. Events organized from time to time though may have a requested contribution. 

What can I do there ? What will be my day like ? 

Primarily you decide your day. There are no structured activities. Although some or other farming activity is going on year around (except in peak monsoon – when we simply sit and enjoy the rains) , the level of activities is not as high as other farms as we primarily believe in sowing seeds and then harvesting. That’s it.

What do you or others do usually ? 

Sit silently doing nothing, take walks into jungle ,make hikes to the hilltop, do some farming and gardening, clean and cook, create and talk, teach at local tribal school, visit close by sites, read, listen to music, play guitar, check emails, go berserk, cry or laugh alone !

Can I drink, smoke and get stoned ? 

You decide. What is not legal in the country is not allowed at the farm too.

Hows the accommodation ?

Currently, we have very basic accommodation.Some are mud huts, some cement rooms and most accommodation is shared. There is always enough space to pitch tents, which we do at times and you can always get your own tent too.  If you have any specific needs, please write to us.

Any places around the farm to see , visit ? 

Jabalpur – Marble rocks Bhedaghat is 150KM, the only hillstation of MP Pachmari is 140km , a beautiful spiritual ashram of Late Shri Dharmdas ji is 20KM, – http://shridharmdas.com/Sri dharmdas teerth , Ancient Shiva temple – Shri Mriggunnath is 10KM trekk, Narmda river is 8Km, Famous Hanuman temple Cheendh is 60KM, many more beautiful places that you can explore.

Got more questions ? Send it to us, we’ll append it here. (themadmansfarm@gmail.com)