Winter Gathering 2018

We are happy to announce dates for this year’s Winter gathering. Participants are suggested to arrive either by evening of 21st or early morning 22nd November. The gathering will conclude on 25th evening, you can plan your return either on 25th late evening or 26th.

Winter gathering is an annual meet of seekers, wanderers and explorers. Every year , the Madman’s farm invites friends who’d like to just spend few days in lap of nature doing nothing ! Just to live on land, just being a witness to the grand movement of nature, the chirping of birds ,the spotting of a firefly, the sky, the moon, the distant star , the grasshopper, the busy ant and the silence. To do less and be more. 

You may confirm your participation by filling up the form below.
You can explore more about the winter gathering by visiting pages of previous winter gatherings.

For any questions feel free to reach us on themadmansfarm<at>gmail<dot>com.