Winter Gathering 2018

Winter Gathering 2018 was recently concluded and this time it was little different. As I am headed to pick up our first few guests for winter gathering, I get a call that my Grandmother is no more. She was 85 but quite healthy and happy lady and we were not expecting this news. Life doesn’t go by our expectations.

I head to pick these friend up from Deori and get them to farm, feigning smile while my heart is nervous. In the evening , I request all 4 guests to gather and hear me out. I announce the news of demise of my Grandmother and the need for all of us(myself , Priyamvada and Devagya)  to leave the farm for at least couple of days. Everyone is shocked, a guest even checks on me whether I am playing any prank !

So,  one first day of gathering while the guests are yet to arrive , we -the so called hosts – leave for Badi, where my grandmother used to live.  We go attend the death ceremony and pyre of my grandmother and will only be leaving in couple of days.  After couple of days, I decide to go back and join gathering while Priyamvada and Devagya had to stay in Bari.


I am heading back to farm thinking so many things. While sudden demise grandmother is reminding me of her again and again, the ongoing gathering and what all the guests will be going through is also occupying my mindspace.

I reach farm in evening of second last day, worried and feeling sorry. As I am walking towards the living area , I hear a burst of laughter from few participants. I am somewhat relieved. What I saw next was absolutely fantastic. I saw that gathering was going as it should have been. Everyone was doing whatever they wanted to , some were cooking, some sleeping, some walking into forest, some talking about all kinds of subjects ! Phew – without me – it was winter gathering as usual .Without my grandmother, it was life as usual.


This gathering was special in many sense. It taught me that I am not indispensable, none of us are ! ,  that when people come together – they just make life. Things evolve on their own.


I really thank all the participants of winter gathering namely Preeti, Suhrud, Arpit, Varun, Kunal, Kaku, Deepa, Harshil, Satyam, Shantanu and his family, Mama and Dada for making this beautiful gathering possible. Special thanks to Kunal, Deepa and Shantanu and Rekha for playing as anchor while I was away.  I wish we had  picture of all us but we were so busy living it that no one remembered to click pics, these are few pics we could click on the last day.

I really liked the spirit of this gathering, the gathering had a lot of deep conversation, great food and loads of fun ! It’s gonna be memorable event for me. Thank you all 🙂

My grandmother was not very beautiful, so much so, that many would call her ugly. She gave a damn to what others would say. She would agree at times, yes I am ugly – without any shame or inhibitions and would often say – “What if I am ugly  – my womb is beautiful for I have given birth to such wonderful children” She taught me so much, she was perhaps the strongest woman I’ve known in my life. May my Grandmother’s soul rest in peace, actually I know she will for she was a rockstar !



Gathering Announcement :

We are happy to announce dates for this year’s Winter gathering. Participants are suggested to arrive either by evening of 21st or early morning 22nd November. The gathering will conclude on 25th evening, you can plan your return either on 25th late evening or 26th.

Winter gathering is an annual meet of seekers, wanderers and explorers. Every year , the Madman’s farm invites friends who’d like to just spend few days in lap of nature doing nothing ! Just to live on land, just being a witness to the grand movement of nature, the chirping of birds ,the spotting of a firefly, the sky, the moon, the distant star , the grasshopper, the busy ant and the silence. To do less and be more. 

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You can explore more about the winter gathering by visiting pages of previous winter gatherings.

For any questions feel free to reach us on themadmansfarm<at>gmail<dot>com.