Zen Gathering 2021

Zen Winter Gathering 2021 at The Madman’s farm is attempt to immerse in the mysteriously beautiful world of Zen. In the three days of gathering around the full moon, a small group of meditators will take on a journey together into silence in lap of mother nature.

Co-traveller and your co-host:

Shashi, a zen lover ,a seeker , a meditator, an explorer and a trained Zen counsellor from Master Kenichi Ishamuru from Japan.

FAQs :

How and When to arrive ?

Please try to arrive by 16th evening or 17th early morning. Please see location section on how to arrive.

What is the cost ?

The Madman’s farm embraces gift culture and has been hosting gathering for years based on gift culture. However this is the first time we are hosting this unique gathering which involves certain efforts, preparation and cost on our end. Hence we request you to contribute an amount suitable to you between 3000-8000 for the gathering.

What if I can’t pay anything ?

Please do register yourself, if we get more participants paying on the higher side of contribution scale, we may be able to accommodate people who can’t pay right now.

What will be the gathering like ?

We will follow the following schedule on all 3 days :

6AM : Wake Up call

6:30 AM – Green Tea Ceremony

7:00 AM – Agnihotra, Zazen Silent Sitting

8:00-9:00 AM : Working in the fields

9:00 AM : Fruits, Sprouts, Tea

10:30 AM : Reading , Listening to a Discourse or Watching a Video

11:30 AM : Lunch

Unstructured Free time till 3PM

3:00 – 4:00 PM : Conversation time

5:00 PM – Agnihotra and Zazen

Silence time till Dinner is over.

8:PM Silent night walks

9:00 – Lights out