Zen Gathering 2021

Concluded Joyfully ….

It was a beautiful gathering once again. Words are too shallow to express what we experienced. Warmth, Joy and Gratitude….

Zen Winter Gathering 2021 at The Madman’s farm is an invitation to immerse in the mysteriously beautiful world of Zen. In the three days of gathering around the full moon, a small group of meditators will take on a journey together into silence in lap of mother nature.

Zen Gathering @ The Madman’s Farm – Poster

FAQs :

How and When to arrive ?

Please try to arrive by 16th evening or 17th early morning. Please see location section on how to arrive.

What is the cost ?

Pay as you like. No payments also equally welcome.

How is boarding and lodging facilities ?

Very basic sharing accommodation. Camping like facilities. However, we will try to make your as comfortable as possible within our available facilities. In case you’ve any specific requirements, do write to us. Simple vegetarian food, mostly organic and local will be served.

What is Zen ?

Zen is a flavor of Buddhism that focuses more on non-doing, simple living and celebrating everyday. Zen focuses more on experience and silence and less on methods and rituals. You can Google more to get confused.

What if I have never heard of Zen ?

It’s okay. Zen is just a small flavor we’ve added to the gathering this year. Living with nature and experiencing farm life remains the core offering.

I am experienced Zen seeker, will it be useful for me ?

8:PM Silent night walks

We hope so. However, we do not adhere to any particular Zen philosophy or follow any particular method.

We will try to follow the following schedule on all 3 days : (Flexible and Open to Change)

What will be the gathering like ?

6AM : Wake Up call

6:30 AM – Green Tea Ceremony

7:00 AM – Agnihotra, Zazen Silent Sitting

8:00-9:00 AM : Working in the fields

9:00 AM : Fruits, Sprouts, Tea

10:30 AM : Reading , Listening to a Discourse or Watching a Video

11:30 AM : Lunch

Unstructured Free time till 3PM

3:00 – 4:00 PM : Conversation time

5:00 PM – Agnihotra and Zazen

Silence time till Dinner is over.

9:00 – Off to bed or to stars.

Contributions :

PhonePe / PayTM – 9425373551

UPI : 9425373551@ybl

ICICI Bank A/C : 119201502456 IFSC : ICIC0001192

For any more queries or doubts , please write to us at themadmansfarm@gmail.com

Co-traveller and your co-host: Shashi, a zen lover ,a seeker , a meditator, an explorer and a trained Zen counsellor from Master Kenichi Ishamuru from Japan.