Winter Gathering 2019

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Winter Gathering 2019 concluded happily and like every gathering so far it was a lovely, memorable and enriching experience. What made this gathering special was very few number of participants (4 to be precise). This is the lowest participation in all these years so far, we got a lot of last minute cancellations this time.  Frankly, I was little nervous with such low number of participants.  However, what appeared to be a setback proved to be a boon at the end. With fewer participants, the experience was much more deeper and connect was more real.  In the backdrop, my 90 year old grandfather  who was also at farm during the gathering, along with my 2 young  kids added a different flavor to the whole gathering.


I am really grateful to all the brahma, vishnu and mahesh (and the narad who appeared briefly and disappeared) of the gathering. Lovely experience. Thank you all. Thank you life. 🙂  Some pictures are shared above and below is the annoucement page we made before the gathering.

The farm is open all year for visitors, however every year in winters we host a gathering which is an oppurtunity to take a pause from our regular life. It’s not a holiday or picnic though. We tend to be more busy and active during our holidays and picnics, just busy differently. 

This gathering is an oppurtunity for us to take a deep inner pause. Just to live. Allow non-doing to flourish. That is why we recommend – no books, no work, no other engagements. There is no structure or agenda than to just live simply in lap of nature. That looks quite simple but is perhaps the most intense experience possible. 

This year as an experiment gathering will have some space and time allocated for dance and celebrations. This doesn’t mean that you’ve to dance or this is a dance event.  What it means is there will be a place, a time where you can dance and celebrate if you’d like to.

Food is simple, mostly vegetarian and organic. Stay is shared dormitory accomodation. Those who can enjoy some level of discomfort are the ones who enjoy the farm stay most. 

Stags, couples, children, all genders, all species are welcome as long as you don’t expect us to cater to your specific needs. 

Exchange of money in anyway is discouraged. We embrace gift culture and that doesn’t mean that you don’t pay in money and rather buy something with that money and gift us 😉 ! Google Gift economy or gif culture to know more about various experiments in this area.  

You may read about our previous gatherings here

Faqs are also available here. For more information , please write to us. 

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