While the name may sound like that, the Madman’s farm is not about an individual but about the spirit of madness, of sanity, of path less travelled. There are lot of friends involved in the farm in their own ways. Some live on the farm while others contribute from where ever they are. (Pictures are for illustration only and actual person may differ in age, size and behavior)

Human Members :

with Vishu

Priyamvada (with Vishu), Mother, homemaker, and lifegiver.
involved in Farming, learning, music and parenting.

Shashi Bhushan Singh

Devagya aka Chiku


Inventer, dreamer, money maker.


Creativity Incharge, Social media fooler, Brand Ambassador

Ankur Aka Suhaniyo

Rapper, Sleeper, Dreamer,
& Non-stop Speaker


Buddha in the forest & Official Chaiwala


Jatin Manager and Freshest Perspective Giver
Halke Dada – Farm owner, cow care taker, chai and bidi sipper.


Jatin : Official Bonfire & Chulha Chai Manager
Nature & Snake lovers , Tea sippers, Samosa Hunters

Mysore friends (Dr. Manohara & Guru Anna)


RMC Tycoon, Farm Financer and Pause lover
Rapper , Musician , Singer , Farm Security

Sourabh Raghuwansi Aka 100R

Satyam Shrivastava
Learner & Learning Designer

Ruchi and Sandep
with Subbu and friends

Farm supporter, Nature Lover,
Love and kindness Shower giver

with Vishu

Straight sitter, silent hider & calmly walker

with Subbu

Sincere worker, smile spreader and kitchen handler

the photo he didn’t want me to post

Rhea –

animal lover, farm charm & OOOO doer.

Deepa – Farm Angel More details about her work :

Kunal Bhai

Researcher, friend and a loving critique

Kanti Bai

Official and Awesome Chulha Cook and Farm Maintainance Head

Twinkle aka Twiieee

Good cook, great rebel and desperate learner & enquirer

Suresh Bhaiya & Sahodra Bhabhi

Farm head, Kitchen head & our Village connect managers.

Shantanu & family :

Shantanu and family also live in the farm and exploring farm living, organic farming , sustainable living and Un-schooling. However, they are not involved directly in any farm’s initiative. You may read Shashi’s blog here on the differences.

Our Mentors

Rishi Krushi Master

Deepak Suchde

Late Shri Deepak Suchde (Baba) inspired us to take up Natural farming. He was a pioneer of Natueco farming (Amrit Krishi). Baba not only taught us about farming but also a lot about life itself.

Master of Masters

Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh Ji has been instrumental in every aspect of development at the farm. Be it farming, health, happiness, learning, spirituality or cooking- he offers deep insights and powerful perspectives which really helps one grow.

Cognitive Activist

Jinan KB

Jinan has been working on Natural Learning and Damages of Schooling and modernity for almost three decades. Our learning initiatives are inspired from his work. We learnt with him how to stay a learner, to be present, to not rely too much on reasoning.


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