Winter Gathering 2016

Updates Jan’17 : Winter gathering 2016 was held and as usual, it was such a diverse and wonderful group. So many memories to cherish from this gathering. Like each year, it was one of the best times at the farm where silence, conversations, laughter and lot of other joyous moments captured all of us.

It’s 3 years now and good time for reviewing the idea of gathering. There will not be Winter Gathering 2017 ! Yes, we will be discontinuing the regular annual event in form of Winter gathering. This doesn’t mean that there will be no more gatherings. We are just taking some time to re-think the idea of gathering so that it’s more suited to the farm, the visitors and to residents. You may read more about it here.

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A snapshot from previous gathering

A snapshot from previous gathering

Winter Gathering is an oppurtunity for us to make new friends, meet new people and share this space, this life with you. It can be an oppurtunity for you to pause , live with nature, meet new people and listen to your heartbeat. There is a lot that the farm offers but everyone takes different things back with them. Come, explore…

To join us, just call us, email us, meet us on fb or fill the form below. You can read more about previous gatherings here.