To share the joy and space at the Madman’s farm – small gatherings are held from time to time. These gatherings are informal, no-agenda, gift culture based. The idea is to simply come together , spend few peaceful days together in the lap of nature.

Upcoming Event : 
Workshop on Learning by Jinan KB (Play, Creativity and Learning) Nov 4-6

Winter Gathering 2019 (December 13-14-15)

Previous Events:

Winter Gathering 2018 (November 22nd to 25th)

Winter Gathering 2017

One might wonder that earlier winter gatherings had photos and videos shared but what about recent gatherings ? Frankly, over years even clicking pictures or making videos has started looking so redundant that we hardly click pictures during gathering. After all, gathering is less about doing, more about just being. 

Winter Gathering 2016 (December 29th to Jan 1st)

As the evenings starts getting cold, we look forward to winters and winter gathering. Winter Gathering 2016 is here.

Read more here

Past Events:

Winter Gathering 2015 (December 24th to 27th) 

You can read the blog entries on 2015 gatherings here and another blog entry here.

Winter Gathering 2014 (Dec -12-13-14)

Click these links to know about Winter Gathering 2014 (Invite and FAQs page) and Check out the slideshow below for a glimpse of Winter Gathering 2014

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apart from organized gatherings, the farm is open for visitors (friends and strangers alike ! ) all year round. Just write to us and drop in. We all would love to have your here.


3 thoughts on “Gatherings

  1. 12th Dec To 14th Dec-2014, Those 3 days were one of the best days of my life & I would always love to live it again & again. Mad Man’s Farm is a place where you instantly gets in sync with the nature without taking any efforts & then nature provides you the best a human can ever have, Fresh air,breeze,wind,flowing water,canals,river,Mountains,trees,beautiful Birds & all that you ever imagine. Be at peace,calmness,pure,stress free,relaxed, visit Mad Man’s Farm at least once.

  2. Had a super great time at the madman’s farm.Shashi is a pheneomenal person, a rarest of rare gem and an utmost delight to meet. He and his wife have taken some very very beautiful decisions and for even more beautiful reasons. I truly wish to do someday in life what he does today. Also i sincerely hope and look forward to spending more time at the farm in future.

    And i say all this months after visiting the place, feeling i was just there yesterday.

    For all those like us who cant gather the balls to do this ourselves, should definitely visit Shashi and have a short experience of what we are selling our soul for in cities.

  3. I would love to be a part of the event and see for myself what all memories and good exposure i will be getting with you guys, looking forward to meet like minded people.

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