Winter Gathering 2014

First Winter Gathering Concluded :), for more glimpses please click here

Winter Gathering 2014

Bonfire fun at the Winter Gathering 2014

Winter Gathering 2014 concluded on Dec. 14, 2014

Winter Gathering 2014 concluded on Dec. 14, 2014

winter gathering

(below is the FAQ page sent earlier)

We are very happy to announce first Winter Gathering of Madmen (and ofcourse Women).

The idea is to simply get away from our everyday life and spend 3 days in lap of nature with oneself. These small pauses are perhaps the best gift one can give oneself in today’s fast paced world. Here we have tried to answer few questions that might hover your mind, do write to us for more details.

The gathering starts on December 12th and concludes on December 14th. It’ll be great if you can arrive by 11th evening or 12th morning. You may leave by 14th evening or 15th morning.

1. Why is this gathering being held ?

Just to share the joy that we have experienced in farm life.

2. Can I come for less than or more than 3 days ? 

3 days of stay works better, more is always possible.

3. What will happen ?

There are no set agendas for the gathering. On day 1 , the participants present can themselves plan something based on collective understanding. The idea is not to get busy with things but to just experience nature and farm life and spend lot of time in non-doing ! Spontaneously some plans and conversations might evolve.

4. How are the staying / food facilities ?

Very basic, only those who can bear some level of discomfort in their personal liking might be able to enjoy. Though we will try our best to make you comfortable. Food will be primarily vegetarian, solar cooked, organic and farm or locally grown. We will try to accommodate most of the participants on the farm or nearby village.

5. Money ?

This event is hosted with spirit of sharing the joy, thus we embrace gift culture. You may chose to pay in kind, in currency,in love,  in good wishes or whatever other way you may like.

6. Can anyone participate ?

Yes, provided you’ve received an invitation from friend or friend of friends who are aware of the Madman’s farm.This is not to exclude anyone but simply to ensure that you know what is the spirit of farm and this gathering.

7. What should we bring along ?

Winters are chilly here, so get warm cloths, a bedsheet and if possible a light blanket. Rest of the list remains to your common sense.

8. How to confirm my participation ?

Just write to us and we will confirm your participation in few days depending on available accommodations. Please contact us before you plan your travel or book your tickets – so that we can help your chose comfortable way to reach the farm.

In case you have any others suggestion, question – please write to us at or call Shashi on 9425373551

Looking forward to a lovely gathering.


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