Sadhna Vidyasthali

Sadhna Vidyasthali

(साधना विद्यास्थली)

Sadhna Vidyasthali is an early childhood alternative learning space hosted at The Madman’s Farm. We cater to children from nearby villages between the age group 5-10 years old. Our philosophy and pedagogy are rooted in Indic wisdom.

Our guiding light : This ancient saying

७२ कलाएं मानव की , ता में दो सरदार।
एक जीव की जीविका , दूजा जीव उद्धार।।

(Of the 72 skills/arts that a man must acquire there are two that are the most important – one is Jeevika (livelihood) and second is Jeev Uddhaar (loosely translates into enlightenment or simply mental and spiritual well being )

Why we focus on Early Childhood ?

We understand that any alternative learning solution must offer a holistic solution. However holistic solution calls for a deeper system change and a huge collective effort. We’ve failed to get both. So, the question in front of us was – “Shall we not do anything at all till we really get enough people , resources and time ? ” or “Shall we just do what can , and try to do it well ? “ .

It’s now almost a scientific fact and a common man’s wisdom that early childhood (especially upto 10-12 years) has the most impact on our lives. Children who experience conducive early childhood grow up to a happy and healthy adults while children exposed to early childhood trauma struggle in many areas as adults. While one may debate, the sheer importance of impact of early childhood education cannot be undermined. Thus ,we decided to focus on this area and hope that we can provide a loving, conducive to growth learning environment to our children.

Our Approach :

Ofcourse, of a hundred possible ways to deal with Early child education , we had to chose something or device our own. After exposing ourselves to thoughts of Montessori , Rudolf Steiner , Juddi Krishnamurti , Gandhi and many more – we finally decided to take learnings from all of them but root ourselves in what we call “Natural Learning Process “.

We feel that nature has given each child all the necessary tools and processes to learn, live and thrive. We just need to make sure not to distort it. The famous seed analogy fits here. Just like a seeds knows it all. All it needs is conducive soil and atmosphere and rest growth will be taken care of by nature herself.

Our mentor Jinan KB (Existential Knowledge Foundation) has been working on natural learning for three decades and we hope implement our learnings with him on the ground and then ofcourse learn further from children and continue to learn and keep iterating our learning process.

Our Approach

  • Nature Centric
  • Teaching less ,learning more.
  • Children drive the learning process.
  • Free – Play based
  • Adults don’t represent authority but a learner and a loving relationship
  • Focus on sensory and values development

Taking abode in Bhagwat Geeta

  • Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta to be used as a book that shows the art of life.
  • Reciting and imbibing shlokas
  • A guiding light for both adults and children.
  • Keeping focus on learnings for life instead of mythology.
Sadhna vidyasthali focuses on livelihood and living. (Jivika and Jeev Uddhar) – While a lot of methods and processes are available for working on livelihood , working on Jeev Uddhar is a work absolutely in different paradigm. To keep it simple , we decided to take abode in time tested and life proven learnings of Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta. However the idea not to exclude anyone who doesn’t believe in Gita or do not allow scope for doubts, discussions and objections.

Concept Note