CoHoS – Spring Farm Camp (Children)


Questions that you might have !

  1. ) How far is the farm ? – 160 KM from Bhopal (4 hours approx drive, decent road with some patches under construction)
  2. ) Is it safe for children ? – At this moment, we are living here with a 3 month old baby, 2 yrs old and 3 yrs old child and find it absolutely awesome. Children love open space and nature, they are not designed for cities, we keep them locked up there. That said, wild does bring in a certain danger with it – thorns, falling off a stone, getting sting of a bee, wasp are common and are usually only experiences to remember. So, yes overall it is quite a safe place for children especially between Oct to March as most other creatures are hibernating. Further, we always stay careful with children and everyone will be taken care of with utmost attention.
  3. ) How about other wild animals ? – Yes, we do spot snakes, wild boars, scorpions, deers etc.. but have had no issues living with them. All we need to be is to stay awake and little careful. Infact, it is a great exercise to live here to raise our inner awareness.
  4. ) How will be the food ? – Simple vegetarian meal will be served. Breakfast will be primarily fruits, vegetables or something light like Poha, Upma. Lunch will include Roti, Dal, a Sabji and Rice. A Quick snack like bhel / cookies might be served in evening. Early dinner will happen with a simple dish like Khichdi. We will try to ensure that food served is mostly organic and local. Few things which cannot be procured organic will be ensured of good quality.
  5. ) What about water ? – We are blessed with good quality ground water which can be drunk without any processing.
  6. ) How will be the stay ? – Sharing dormitory style stay would be available with floor beds. Children are requested to get 2 bedsheets. Matress and blanket will be provided at the farm. Adults will be accomodated with children to ensure safety and security.
  7. ) What about Covid Norms ? Our area has been largely scoring very low number of cases in Covid right from the beginning. We will anyway will be ensuring basic checks like thermal screening and social distancing.
  8. ) What will be the day like ? The camp is supposed to be unplanned, unstructured and driven by children. However, few very basic outline activities will be carried out to facilitate the same. A morning walk, meals together, a 30 mintues of work in the farm and evening circles will be done regularly on all 3 days. Other activities will emerge spontanesouly depending on energy and interest of group. The possiblities of activities are endless.
  9. ) What about toilets ? We use environment friendly compost toilets. Children will be exposed to the same. For emergencies and exceptions, we do have couple of regular toilets.