Gaushala Project

Dear friends,

We see cows dying around us. We see them injured every now and then. We see how villagers let loose their cows when its not milking. We see farmers also in trouble as cows damage their crops. We see the problems from many quarters.

Why this a problem ?

Development has rendered them useless. Indian breed (desi) cow gives no more than couple of liters of milk (except some breeds like Gir and Sahiwal). Thus dairy, market and even greedy farmers don’t keep them. Tractors have totally replaces bulls for tillage. Thus now we have a huge population of desi cows that no one wants ! They are left on streets , roads, highways and struggle to survive.

What can we do ?

The problem is so big that only systemic intervention may be able to solve it. However, we cannot just wait for things to happen. We wish to act. It might be insignificant. It might not help in larger problem but at least we are not part of the problem but of the solution. Thus, we wish to dedicate couple of acres of land to stray cows. We wish to build a small shelter , a water tank ,a proper fence and a room for stocking straw for them. We will then try to motivate people to donate some straw , if doesn’t suffice, we will have to buy the straw. This way at least 50-100 cows from villages around may have a little better life for a little more time.

What can you do ?

Join us. Support us ! Give us hands and help us with funds or fund raising. To donate you may make contributions to PayTM/Phone Pe 9425373551 or UPI ID 9425373551@ybl

ICICI Bank A/C : 119201502456

IFSC : ICIC0001192

Shashi Bhushan Singh.

We thank you for your support !

PS : Once the project take off, we will start a separate blog where updates will be shared.