Buy Organic Wheat and Dal : Bhopal

The surplus organic produce grown at the farm is available for sale to people around us. So, if you are somewhere near the farm – say in Bhopal and would like to try some of our organic produce, please get in touch with us to either see what’s available or to pre-book something that you’d like for coming times. Usually we have following organic produce available :-

1.) Organic Wheat (Sharbati , Lokvan)  : Approx quantity available per year is 20 quintals.

2.) Organic Broken Wheat (Organic Daliya of special traditional wheat variety – Kathia) : 8 quintals 

3.) Organic Tuar Dal (Arhar)  : 10 Quintals

4.) Organic Moon, Urad Dal : 8 quintals each

5.) Organic Chana (Bengal Gram) : 20 Quintals

6.) Organic Flax Seeds (Alsi) : 4 Quintals

7.) Organic Lentils – Masoor Dal  : 4 Quintal

8.) Organic Mustard (Sarso) : 4 Quintals

9.) Organic Sunhemp Seeds : 8 Quintals

10.) Organic  Green Pea (Desi) :  8 Quintals

Please note these are based on our average annual sowing and production rate which is subject to change due to weather and change in sowing plans. We can ship these cereals and grains from our farm to Bhopal, Jabalpur or nearby areas on prior order.

Costing :  All produce are available at the existing cost (Mandi cost) of the produce + a 20% extra support charges + labor as actuals (for cleaning / making dal or aata traditionally).

Example : Let’s say existing cost of Tuar dal in market is Rs. 100 per KG (Non-organic) then 10 KG Organic Tuar dal from our farm will cost you 1000+200 (20% support charges) + making of dal charges as per actuals (approx : 300 for 10 KG) = Rs. 1500 for 10 KG.

Why this costing ? :  Instead of charging exhorbitantly high for organic produce as done by many organic brands, we believe in making organic affordable and not be oppurtunistic. Thus, we charge as per market price (as selling lower than it would mean loss for us) and just add 20% as support charge. This support charge is just to ensure that you value organic produce and are willing to support organic activities. Further, at times production of organic farm is often lesser than chemical farms, so in this case the support charges given by you help us compensate for the loss. The labor cost is charged as per actuals depending on level of processing, cleaning, grading you want for your produce.

Please contact us from Contact Us page or write an email on themadmansfarm < at the rate> gmail <dot> com.