Winter Gathering 2015

What a lovely end of 2015 with Winter gathering. It couldn’t have been better. A dozen strangers coming together to live in harmony with nature. Accepting differences within each other, celebrating individuality and cherishing togetherness.

You may read Shantanu’s blog on winter gathering here.

Here is a little video with pictures and videos of the gathering :-

The Madmans Farm : Winter Gathering 2015 from Shashi Bhushan Singh on Vimeo.

Once again thank you Binal, Deepti, Manvendra, Vineet, Pradeep Ji, Charnita, Ikrav, Priyamvada, Sandeep, Ritika and Gulrez for making the winter gathering  – an event that we will cherish for long.


One thought on “Winter Gathering 2015

  1. Thank you Shashi for sharing the photographs capturing all expressions. Beautiful writing Shantanu.
    I have no words to express the gratitude and respect for both the families, who have dared to live the life not lived earlier. Everyone says, but only few do. It seems more difficult for the city bred mortals, who feel the need for more unlearning than learning. Unlearning the city like living, coming out of the so-called “Comfort zones”, and realising the comfort of sitting in nature’s lap. I personally feel at bliss living with nature, and that is why volunteered to join the pre-planned trek, not knowing that it would lead us away from the intended objectives of your winter gathering. Apologies for hurting your feelings, although not intentionally.
    It was a pleasure to live with all strangers, who became very good friends, despite our age difference. We all will try to remain connected and keep motivating each other to live the way you live.
    There was a stage in my life too, when I had thought of taking the step you have taken. But, I decided to use my productive period to alleviate the distressed of their troubles, and at the same time sensitise my family enough to understand and appreciate the positivities of both the urban and rural lives. Now, that they have taken their own paths in that direction, I am ready to live the life you live. So very soon you will find me too frequenting your farm, and living with you guys for longer periods.

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