Learning About Learning : Dialogue on Learning , Education and Schooling

What : 

A gathering at the farm with agenda of ” learning about learning “. The idea is to undestand deep problems and possible solutions of current learning, teaching and education systems through collaborative conversations and responsible critique and appreciation.

When : March 1st, 10:AM  to March 4th , 5PM

Why : 

To bring together diverse set of ideas, experiences, perspective and outlooks in order to foster our current understanding of learning, education and schooling.

Who : 

This is open for anyone with interest in learning.

How : 

Through conversations, silence, learning, listening, on spot imagining, dreaming and just being in the moment.

Here is the rough layout (totally open to be modified collectively)  –

March 1st :  Crib day – Problems of current times and all times.

March 2nd :  Look around day  – Evaluating existing solutions

March 3rd : Dream day  – Let’s dream the future as we want it

March 4th : Design day – Now, let’s come up with first rough draft of a new learning space !

Logisitics : 

Sharing accodmodation. Simple food, clean air and water. We embrace gift culture for all our events – so no monetary transactions here. Refer to location section of website on how to reach farm.

More questions ? :  themadmansfarm <at the rate> gmail.com

Register :  Please email us or fill online form here.