Join the Tribe !

Invitation to all Madmen – Madwomen to be part of The Madman’s Farm initiatives

We are looking for a farm manager and 2 Learning Space Facilitator.

Age No Bar – Education No Bar – Religion / Gender / Sexuality No Bar

Immerse in Silence in lap of nature

Grow & Heal

Farm life offers immense growth and healing opportunity. It heals your body, mind and soul.

Grow your own food, enjoy farm grown organic yummies.

Live Sustainable

Stop the violence on nature and start healing her.

Be a part of Mad community.

Friends for life

Although a small group, embrace a new family that is not based on violence, selfishness and me first !

“You want to be a rat in the rat race ? A rat that just runs and knows not where and why one is running ? In that race the rats hurts people and the earth. Its suicidal for rats and for everyone in the longer run. Step Out ! Breathe. Pause.

Start afresh – a life of love and creativity.”

-Gyani Baba – who knows nothing

Details that matter less…

Money Matters

First week you pay 300 Rs. per day for food and accommodation.

Next 3 Weeks : Basic food and accommodation is taken care of.

2nd & 3rd Month : Above + Stipend of 5K

Post 3 months, if the love continues – the stipend possible upto 20K per month for a year

after that ….we mutually decide.

Work Details

We do not have a clear role/responsibility model and are driven by the trust that each individual will act responsibly and try his or her best. Work is mutually discussed and decided.

We are not hiring employees but searching friends. Only quality we hope for is genuine interest in learning or children or nature or farming or something related. A pure heart. Some level of commitment and openness. A lot of daring and caring.

Go to FAQs at the end of this page for more details.

The Process : You show interest – We meet at Farm and We start the trial. No interviews/resume needed.

In…Sanity Awaits !

Show Interest by Filling the Form below !

Or write to us at or call us at 62 62 66 65 69


Is it a job opening ? : No , we are not looking for employees but for friends, partners and family members.

Can a couple / family join ? : More than welcome ! We can work out other details together.

How’s the stay ? : We begin with sharing accommodation in one of the houses that we already have. Post three months, we can also build or allocate a personal space.

How’s the food ? : Only Vegetarian meals are allowed at the farm. Simple, healthy and delicious north Indian meal is available. (Chapati , Dal, Veg, Rice for Lunch / Dinner).

Can I cook ? : While we are in the process of setting up a community kitchen where food will be cooked by a hired cook but we encourage people to take care of their own food if possible. We can support with goods that we have in excess at farm.

I like the proposal but my financial requirements are more, what can I do ? : One reduce the needs. Two find a part time – online job to compensate for the need. Three – Adjust for a year with what we have to offer – slowly , together we can look out for funding or ways to help you meet your needs.

What happens in Farming ? : We aim to grow all grains and vegetables for ourselves. Currently we do have 80% of grains that we consume from our own farm and around 40% vegetables, 20% in fruits. We need to ramp up our farming to achieve 100% self sufficiency in food asap. This is where we need help. We grow native varieties of grains , cereals and millets. We plant trees and herbal medicinal plants too. We are open to all farming ideas as long as it doesn’t hurt the eco-system.

What happens in Learning Spaces ? There are two proposed learning spaces (Learning Garage – Spoken English & Computers, Sadhna Vidhyasthali for early childhood). While we do not fixate ourselves towards any particular philosophy , you will find our work having a flavor of Osho, Krishnamurti, Aurobindo, John Holt, Ilich and Gandhi Ji. The idea is simply to experiment and see if we can create better learning spaces than what exists in our context. One that is both relevant to current society’s need and our social and spiritual aspirations.

Still have more questions ? write to us at