Unnatural is a fake word

A question keeps growing the deeper one understand nature – what is nature , natural and thus what is unnatural ?

If everything that exists is part of nature, is born out of nature – what then is unnatural ?

Is polythene unnatural ? How do we decide ?

At a deeper level nothing appears unnatural and “unnatural” becomes a fake word.

Then more questions come up – if we accept this hypothesis. – What’s wrong in cutting a tree ?  What’s wrong with extracting water from tube-wells? What’s wrong with GM food ?

GM food might not be good for us, just as eating stones is not. But, is genetic modification unnatural ? If man is part of nature, can anything done by us be not a part of nature and thus – unnatural ?

If monkey’s eating a banana and throwing a banana peel is natural, how can man’s experiments to create something new  be unnatural ?

Similarly cutting a tree appears definitely to be something sinful and unnatural but how about wind or rains uprooting a tree or an elephant or cow stamping plants ?

Where do we draw the line ? Does man’s selfishness and desires make things unnatural ?

What is unnatural and what is natural ?

These questions needs some thoughts….


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