Corona Times and Farm Living

The flipside of growing understanding of life and how things work in life is the demotivation that comes with it to engage with many things. Writing is one such activity which calls for dragging myself into it.

Nevertheless, I thought I must write a short blog updating our readers about what’s up at farm. We were freed up at farm, while the world was locked down by corona ! Corona times, have been a big blessing for us to once again cherish every little joy of farm living.

As we hear our friends in cities and other places complaining how lock down is making their lives miserable, we felt hesitant to share that it’s exactly the opposite for us. Corona totally removed any reason for us to move to city and hence allowed a deeper immersion into farm life and it’s activities. Otherwise, we do move out of farm at least once every month. This time the immersion was deepest so far and each small joy took shape of huge luxuries which not even the richest were capable of affording.

We had plenty supply of amazing organic cow milk, organic vegetables, grains that we grew. We hardly needed anything from outside. The lockdown frankly meant nothing for us. If at all it meant was more joy and gratitude to life, farm and the people in our lives.

A lot of my friends who thought otherwise, called us , saying that “Dude, you are the luckiest one right now !” You took the step well before corona, what many wish to take post corona, if the sanity survives.

Even for us, a lot of things were becoming quite ordinary. Farm life was losing its glamour to some extent. Thanks to Corona, we were taught a lesson by life on how fortunate we were to be where we are. At one point last year, I went to the extent of taking up some projects outside of farm, in a city. Looking back, I can only laugh at my madness.

Deeply grateful to corona, life and every little thing at farm. Thank you!


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