Winter Gathering 2020

2020 has been the year of pandemic and we were not sure at all of participation we will recieve for the gathering this year. However it turned out to be one of the gathering with most participants. We had a friend couple (Ruchi Sandeep) from Bhopal who’ve chosen to explore residing at farm and have been living here for couple of months now. With them as a 9 year old boy – Megh who added a very special energy to the entire farm. Cookie, Luna and Leo – three dogs were a welcome addition. Yash, my brother also here as usual lightenting up the spirits.

Tapan (another friend and co-owner of land) was here with his entire family (parents, wife, children – including a 2 month old). Two families of workers and then 5 participants who travelled specifically for the gathering – all of it made it a very nice assorted group of perfect size.

Jatin completed his hattrick of farm visit this year and was the man who influenced the other 3 friends to come in – Naveen, Subbu aka Subramaniam and Gowry. As usual we had a ball.

Living together with no agenda, no plans, no expecations and no worries was an amazing experience. Compost toilets posed some challenges but then everyone embraced whatever was available. With winter rising up, bon fire with conversations merged with silence became a ritual every night.

Mountains always invite and hence couple of treks and a dip in nearby dam was a treat. Cooking together , trying millets and some other organic food yet another treat for us. With full moon approaching, switching off solar lights was a beautiful sight.

I’ll have to admit though, something that pinched throughout the gathering. While we were all really enjoying community and farm living and it might sound too romantic to the distant reader, our closest neighbours were not part of it. It’s ironic that while we are growing well in terms of community, yet we are antagonistic the oldest family residing in farm with us. People issues and conflicts of beliefs continue to haunt us like any other community elsewhere.

Nevertheless, as usual these 3-4 days were as memorable and uplifting as ever. Winter gathering always gives me the high I need to continue with all the struggles that farm life poses. It pushes me to smile broader, celebrate deeper.

Thank you Jatin 🙂 , Yash , Naveen, Gowry and Subbu for making it so beautiful 3 days of our lives. Your presence was a blessing.

Thank you Ruchi – Sandeep to act like true hosts and relieve me of so many responsiblities. Your spirit to welcome everyone with open arms and to adjust with any inconveniences is really touching. 🙂

Thank you Megh for all the lovely PJs and not going to sleep when we adults wanted to chat dirty around bonfire 😉 Haha…just kidding.

Tapan and his family couldn’t get involved much due to young children but whatever little we could be together definitely made the entire gathering richer.

Last and but not the least – thank you Dada , Vinod and his family for being there all the time and to Priyamvada and my own children to be no fuss hosts, accepting everything , enjoying every bit.



One thought on “Winter Gathering 2020

  1. Hello everyone,
    This is Naveen, one of the member of winter gathering 2020. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Mr. Shashi Bhushan Singh & his entire family (Host) as this gathering is one of the best moments of my life.
    What I personally found relieving is that in any vacation you need to plan so many things whether it’s food, accommodation, travel, bucket list, other schedules, here in this case the only thing I planned is my train tickets and rest all went with the flow, we did trekking, bonfire, dam visit, farm explore etc and there is something in the atmosphere which makes you feel really light and felt like your system is rebooted. I regret that I couldn’t visit sooner, at the same time I’m glad that I visited now and had a very cool and calming experience which I thrived to experience in a long time.
    I would like to thank Mr. Jatin who initiated this trip and because of whom we could experience what we experienced in Bhudhanwada Village. Subbu’s & Gowry company is absolute delight and chill.
    The host Mr.Shashi Bhushan Singh like our elder brother took really good care of all of us and he was always there despite his busy schedule, thanks Brother & I’m eagerly waiting for our next gathering.
    Special mentions to Ruchi Ji & Sandeep Ji, because of them the trip went really smooth and effortlessly.
    Last but not the least my sincere thanks to Dada, Kranthi Bhai, I’m definitely going to miss their tikkads.
    Hope to see you all again in our next gathering
    Good bye The Madman’s Farn
    All the best to everyone
    See You.

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