The Wild Boar and Rabbit Dilemma

The farm is next to a jungle, no wonder we have guests visiting us often from the woods. Perhaps, the truth is we are the guests. The land and jungle belongs to wild animals and birds, we human beings are entering their houses without their consent and then we cry for damage done to our crops by wild animals.

So what do we do ? That’s our dilemma. We clearly can see that we are the one disturbing their habitat. If wild boar eats up our corn and wheat or parrots eats up our crops, how are we supposed to feel ? The locals usually hunt wild boar down and shoo away parrots with stone or crackers.

This is true test of our philosophies. We planted various plants with love and took care for months and one day its no longer there because a wild board decides to check out its root for earthworms. Heart sunk when we saw the sight of a well grown plant torn down to pieces, but then how can we blame the wild boar. With the speed that we all are cutting the jungle and moving closer to deepest woods, do they have any option ? The truth is that most of these wild animals are perhaps starving.

We have chosen to help them out and also take care of our plants. So, we do have a fence to protect our plants and we do keep an eye ,but if a someone eats up our crop or trees, we simply plant other and try to sympathize with the painful state of jungle and wild animals today. We also plan to dedicate a part of our farm to them. The dream is to leave an acre or two unprotected , unfenced and grow things these wild animals like. We have dream to co-exist with our wild friends. We have dream to undo the damage we are doing and have done to our ecology.


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