Testing Times

Last few weeks have been really testing for us. The road of so called natural living and natural farming ain’t as easy and simple as we imagined. It’s perhaps harder than regular lifestyle. This was our clear lesson in last few days.

We have faced numerous challenges starting from acute shortage of labor to no electricity at all making it hard for us to water the plants.

With no experience with animals, we are also finding it hard to manage our cow Gita and her calf Shunyo. She just got lost recently and we all had tough time finding her. In absence of help , there are times when we cannot milk her or even take her out for grazing to right places. We are trying our best though to be nice to her and ensure no hurts.

A local bitch gave birth to 7 puppies and we were declared the care takers. It was added work for us but the sound of lovely puppies just didn’t allow us to stop cooking for them.

A lot of trees succummed to the peak summer. We couln’t save coconut, papayas and few others.

The systems are not yet in place, be it irrigation or power. We are working with simple solar system but it’ll take some time till things get smooth.

On personal front, With my (Shashi) marriage I had to deal with multiple emotional and intellectual waves. Right now, I am the only person full time on farm and at times it got really tiring to take care of entire farm and it’s living entities. Just the last evening, i was so frustrated that I wondered what am I doing and why am I here. But perhaps, these are the moments that needs your faith and persevearance.

We are looking forward to the monsoon, we have our plans for more plantation of trees. We look forward for support from nature, man and animal. We hope that things will smoothen up and slowly the farm will evolve as it should.

On a lovely starry summer night, Sitting on the terrace in middle of land free of pesticides, using a solar powered laptop to write this email – as one can see small plants around and hear voices of cows and dogs along with crickets – we have covered some ground for sure. Looking forward with great excitements on how things unfold inside and outside !


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