We don’t know what to desire – that’s all we need to learn.

You always end up getting what you desire for. This is the unsaid , hidden law of life. Look around you, look within and if you see very carefully you’d know what I am saying.

What we are today is nothing but what we desired in past. I wonder if you’ve ever sat down and wondered – boy, I’ve got exactly what I dreamt of  long back ? It’s almost , always the case.

I can so clearly pin point even the day when I imagined a life that I am living right now. I have seen the same happen to many people around me.

We create a life that we desire.  Then why are we still miserable ? The problem is , we really don’t know what to desire.

We seek happiness but end up desiring for misery, mistaking it for happiness. This is the tragedy of human life. We desire for money, fame – seeking happiness only to realize that you are still unhappy. Then we wonder where did we go wrong. Why is suicide, depression and such issues so common in people who’ve almost everything one can desire ?

Once we have a deep desire, we think about it, feel for it, work for it. All our faculties are directed towards it and there is every chance that sooner or later that desire will be fulfilled. So, non-fulfilment of our desires is not what brings us misery. It’s the fulfillment of wrong desires that brings us that.

To be mature and wise means to know what and how to desire.

People who desire for right things end up getting the right things and hence are the happiest lot. One cannot learn the art of right desire unless one is in touch with one’s inner space. More we understand and know ourselves , better we become at desiring right things and hence our overall well being in life is taken care of.


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