Alright – Shall I Also speak on Corona?

Frankly I shouldn’t because too much has been said already. For it, against it. But then – “bahti ganga me hath dhona” bhi koi galat nahi hai. Afterall , the aggresive itch to shout out loud my opinions is still deep in me. So allow me to share.

I am not gonna talk about whether its real or fake, chinese or american. Not I want to celebrate ayurveda, farm living triumps. All I wish to share is what it did to us and to me.

A tiny virus could distrupt everything that we considered invincible. It also exposed our selfishness and fears. It exposed our hyrpocricies. I still believe it to be blessing. Ofcourse, we did lose some of our loved once – but we were losing some every now and then anyway. To me it taught many things –

1.) Importance of taking care of your body, yourself.

2.) Importance of being together as family.

3.) Importance of being there for society when people are afraid.

4.) Importance of being in sync with nature.

5.) Importance of living a life based on natural laws and not on social laws /fads.

6.) Importance of living for today and not taking anything anyone for granted.

I also enjoyed traveling during corona – for India felt like Europe. To walk through these lonely roads which are usually choked. To see the huge markets shut. To experience the silence and stillness was magical. To stay put with family was historical and beautiful. To value every single grain and that last lot of fresh fruit was touching. To see people smile, help each other, feel together in these times was beautiful.

I enjoyed attenting funerals during Corona.

Frankly, there is nothing I could complain from the entire padenmic and the list of things I feel grateful for is long.

Thank you Covid, I know you are just part of this huge cosmic plan just like all of us. There is nothing in your hand or mine but the cosmic plan at work.


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