Covid , Death and My view

Another post on Covid ? Well even I did not anticipate writing one more post on covid. But with waves coming in , life rolling up and down, events and news around , I am tempted to write something.

I am well aware a lot has been said and writted about the pandemic, infact this must be the most talked about pandemic of human history. Still there is something hovering on my mind which I wish to share.

I sense fear of death around. This fear of death is breaking the fabrics of relationships. This fear of death is exposing how shallow we all are. How superficial are our bonds !? I believe we were never a culture that feared death. Indian culture embraced death as a part of life and made it look as simple an event as that of chaning cloths. Shri Krishna says in Geeta , just as one changes cloths, we change bodies. We are not culture that believed in one life and end of it meaning , end of it all. The cause of fear is rooted in what we believe in. If we believe its one life , we fear. If we believe that we are eternal the fears allay.

Ofcourse, believing is just one thing, when it really comes to your face – beliefs play little role. However strong beliefs do have power to change the way we live and deal. It is disheartening for me to see people not fulfilling very basic relationships or becoming too mean just because of the fear of death due to covid. Yes, it’s a pandemic, Yes one can die – so what? We are anyway going to die. If we let go of our relationships, of our souls, of our joys – what is the point of being alive anyway ?

Perhaps, more than death of self – we are afraid of loosing our loved ones. It’s the case with me too. I am , I believe , better prepared for my own death than for death of my parents or my children. However, here too I get strength from the same source that tells us that we are eternal beings, that this world is afterall just a guest house and every meeting is just a beginning of a departure and every pain a step towards salvation.

One might see all this as a psycological or mind trick to pacify oneself or deal with pademic. But I mean what I am writing. Ofcourse these thoughts do pacify me but still the sentiment I am sharin are quite real for me. Ofcourse, I do long to “know” experiencially what I “believe”, but that’s a journey not entirely in my control. So i wait, i watch, i breathe, I pause, i look around, i smile.


3 thoughts on “Covid , Death and My view

  1. Interesting. Thinking about all the health workers, sanitation workers and others who keep returning to the frontlines daily – would you say they have no fear of death? Some may not, most probably do but are risking their lives to do their duty and earn their living as best they can. If they have a fear of death, they are overcoming that to protect life. More than fear of death, I would be afraid to lose interest in caring about others, esp those who may be taking more risks or have fewer advantages than ourselves.

    • Thank you for reading and responding ! You are right , losing interest in caring about others is a worrisome

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