The new Religion of Vaccination

Covid brought in a new religion of Vaccination ! While not totally new, the covid pandemic did present Vaccination in a new , powerful and dominating avtar. Why am I calling it a religion ? Because it’s based on beliefs and it divides humanity.

Some may say, its based on science and not beliefs ! I am not denying the science part of it. A lot of rituals in religion are also based on scientific or cosmic principles, in fact if one could trace down – there is always strong component of science in most rituals. Similarly, Vaccination does have a science foundation but the building built above the foundation is largely made up of beliefs and biases.

When does something become religion ? When you start believing in singular story told to you and become antagonist to people with other stories. Further, you wish to control, convert and contain the ones who do not adhere to your story.

That’s precisely happening with Vaccination today.

We are made to believe that Vaccinations are danger free, effective and the only way to combat Covid. We are made to believe that those who do not take Vaccine are a threat to society and are savage – stupid people. Further, there is every possible curtailment to ensure that those without vaccination face lot of issues and thus slowly can be controlled or converted.

One day I get a call from our laborer in farm asking me – Injection lagwale kya ? This person is 50 years old , super powerful, works hard, eats wild and has a great immunity. Further he lives in our farm – far away from village , city or town. The chance of him getting infected with Covid are quite low and even if he is infected – at the mortality of less than 2%, the chances of him survival are more than 99% ! Does he really need a shot ? But he was lately threatened that your all government benefits including bank accounts will be seized if you do not vaccinate. Scared, unsure – he gets his shot. Of course, no side affects so far and he is doing well. But the question remains – Do we have right to our health ? Do we have right to chose ?

People like me may be able to escape as we know many routes including the false certificates easily available everywhere but what happens to the innocents ?

Another friend of mine was denied medical care after being diagnosed , admitted for Kidney stone on the ground of vaccination. Further he was reprimanded and ridiculed for not taking the shot. Such stories are ample. People without shots are being troubled like anything and it’s not even seen as an unfair behavior. That’s why I am calling this religion !

In the name of religion, you may trouble people, you may even kill them and still the masses of your religion will see no harm in it and may well give you awards for saving the religion !

We are living in tough times where singularity is being celebrated. Vaccination is just one facet.

We’ve become more developed but less tolerant.

We’ve become more educated but less sane.


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