One lovely year at the Madman’s Farm

We have finally completed one year at farm and it has been memorable to say the least. The best part of last year was to realize that reality is way different from imagination and plans. 

We keep going to so many so called “alternative” forums and listen to great plans to change the world and save the planet. We keep coming across inspiring stories of individuals who are doing something different. At farm, in last one year we are realized that the road to simple life is not simple.

It is not as rosy as we imagine it to be from the conference hall. We surely meet challenges we anticipate and hear about but we more surely meet the challenges we never dreamt of. Handling them with no one to acknowledge or appreciate – that’s reality. 

There’s not a slightest piece of regret for choosing this life, though during the hard times we wonder if any other place than this would have made our life easier ! 

The joys of village life and farm life are innumerable. Just to see that butterfly drink nector from a plant you seeded is no less satisfying than winning a noble prize. A firefly in night flying in the sky as you fall asleep looking at the stars, where else do we look for heaven ? 

A lovely year indeed ! Thank you. We are really grateful to all our well wishers, friends, family who have supported as and inspired us. We are so very grateful to the forces of universe that are allowing us to work on land , learn and live happily. 

We are all set for new year and things will only get better hence, for we have taken the worst into our stride. 


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