So what really happens at the Farm ?

Your website looks good, we have heard little bit about the farm from some friends. So, what exactly happens there ?  What do you do ?

So often, we have been asked this question. Recently, we met few Osho Sanyassis and as we shared that the name “Sadhna Path” is inspired from first few discourses of Osho and this ashram/farm is a place where his vision of “Zorba the Buddha” is being realized everyday. They asked “oh ! great , there must be everyday osho meditations taking place there ? “, No, we replied. “Oh ! then at least the morning and evening meditation or 3-day camps ? ” . No, as we replied again – we could see them frown.

We got into a strange position when we tried to explain them that actually all that happens at farm is simple and joyful living. That’s our meditation, that’s our solution, that’s our contribution.

In another event we attended, everyone was looking forward to some big organic farm success story. We had none. We are doing what we are doing because we feel that’s going to be good for us and for our earth. We do not intend to prove the mainstream foolish or wrong.

The farm is not against anything or anyone, just that it is in favor of life.  We believe in doing simple and normal things. Everyday things. We want to learn from nature, learn to live with it in harmonious way.

We feel the pain of social conditions that prevails, we feel sad about environmental issues, we feel frustrated about mainstream conspiracies against sanity – but we have chosen to not to succumb to war against them and instead follow the path of joy and sanity. That’s our answer and we don’t know and don’t care if it’s the right one.


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