The race of making it “big”

You must make it big in life. Be a big business tycoon, be a terrorist like Osama – be anything as long as it’s big. Farming ? You’ve taken to farming ? Damn ! Never mind, be big in farming too. Be the one who earns 10 lacs from an acre !

Oh ! you are into natural farming ? Then you must be big like Fukuoka ! You got to be big else what worth is your life and so useless are you.

Your life is wasted if you can’t get featured on a national tv or magazine at least once in your lifetime. The race of making it big or rather should we use word “disease” has caught on everyone around including us. Even when we “alternative” folks talk about making it simple and small – there is an emotion of making it big somewhere deep down. Becoming big outside is only an expression of our emptiness inside. We feel distressed if we are nothing outside. We feel great if  the world considers us big and worthy.

Those will be mad who care not to make it big. Those will be lazy and idiot folks if they are happy living in their small farm, doing almost nothing ! Happiness doesn’t count. Infact, people don’t believe that you are happy unless you are big.

Imagine if we can take this disease out of our minds and cherish being extremely ordinary ! Ain’t this true Zen ? true spirituality ?


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